Setup Your Product – Download & Install Cricut Design Space

We know Cricut Design space is very useful device you can craft everything from home organization labels and planner stickers to holiday gifts and home decoration. So today we’ll start with a quick overview of what the software can do so you can get started creating right away.

Cricut Design Space is the design companion application required to create with the electronic cutting machine. Whether you’re a longtime Cricut user, newbie, or just thinking about getting a machine, Cricut DS is the must-have software you’ll need to use Cricut.

Design Space has plenty of options for creating and customizing your designs. However, there is not enough time to learn them all in one day. So, today we’ll start with a brief overview of the software’s features so you can get started creating right away. This is a sponsored post. I am partnering with Cricut to share this information; all content is my own opinion.

What Is Cricut Design Space?

Cricut Design Space is a digital design application that is used to set up and lay out designs to create on the Cricut machine. Cricut Design Space™ includes a set of tools to create, modify and personalize all your Cricut projects. Cricut Space Design also includes an extensive library of images, fonts, and ready-made designs. The app is available for use on PC as well as many tablets and mobile phones, including iPhone and Android devices.

If you’re a Cricut Joy user (that adorable little turquoise Cricut machine that fits easily into your backpack), there’s also a dedicated Design Space app for Joy!

Is Design Space Free?

Design Space is completely free to install on all your devices and there is no limit to the number of devices you have the software installed on. When you receive your new Cricut, there is a card in the box with instructions on how to find and download Design Space to your computer, or you can follow this link to get the version you need.

Once you have Design Space installed and your computer is connected, you can explore Design Space and start learning how it works. Design Space includes many pre-loaded fonts, images, and free designs. You will also see some fonts and images with an A in a green tab. This is premium bonus content available to Access members.

How does Cricut Design Space work?

The software allows you to create layouts on the Cricut machine both online and offline.

What can you do with design space?

  • Combine pre-designed images and fonts to lay out project layouts.
  • Create and edit finished projects.
  • Create original designs using simple shapes.
  • Create text layouts using various fonts.
  • Develop the design ideas you have and save them to your Access account.
  • Share projects with the Cricut community.
  • Customize and create projects designed by other members of the community.

What You Need to Start Using Design Space

To use, you need to download and install the software, sign up for a Cricut ID (or upgrade to a paid Design Access account), and set up your computer. Once you’ve completed these 3 steps, you’re ready to start creating projects with your Cricut!

Download the Cricut Design Space app specifically designed for the device you are using. In this article, I’ll share practical tips for using a desktop computer and the free Cricut app.

A free version is available to all Cricut users. You then need to link the software (and account) to your computer. You can continue to use only the free account or upgrade later. Check out Cricut Access for all devices at

Next registration with ID Cricut. Open the app and select “Product Setup”. Fill out the form to create a Cricut ID. The app will then start helping you set up your machine. If you don’t have a car yet, you can still create an account and start developing projects. Just exit the installation process and you can start browsing Cricut Design Space.

Once the software is installed on your device, you will be able to create layouts offline or offline. You will be able to choose images and fonts to create designs or choose ready-made projects.

How to use Cricut Design Space for PC?

Downloading Cricut Design Space for PC: Once you are logged in, you can start designing your own images. The app has an option for Cricut mats to help you choose the type of mat you use. You can choose from a standard mat or a premium mat. A premium rug has many more features. Once you’ve chosen your rug, you can start editing your image.

The application has a number of features that can help you create your own projects. The Cricut Design Space app can be used to create images with text, stickers, and shapes. You can also add borders to your images. However, the app does not allow you to add borders when you are using Cricut mats.

You can also add frames to your images. If you have a logo that you want to use in your projects, you can use the app to create it. You can choose different fonts in the app. If you don’t want to use your own fonts, you can also use the app to choose from several fonts available in the app. Once you’ve created your own designs, you can submit them to the Cricut Design Space app. You can also share your designs on social networks.

How can I get Cricut Design Space for laptop?

Once you have the Cricut Space Design app installed on your computer, you can use the app to access your Cricut Design Space library on your desktop. You can also access your Cricut Design Space library on your laptop using Cricut Design Space for Mac.

To use the Cricut Design Space app with your laptop:

  • Make sure you have Cricut Design Space installed on your desktop.
  • Open the Cricut Design Space app on your laptop.
  • Click on the Connect button.
  • Enter your Cricut Design Space account information to log in.
  • You will be able to access your Cricut Design Space for the free library on your laptop.

Exploring the Insert Area to Use Shapes (such as Rectangles) in Your Design

The left menu bar, also known as the “Insert Area”, is what you’ll need to use to add a rectangular shape to the canvas area. If you take a look at the default layout in the left pane, you’ll see a “+New” button at the top, followed by icons representing templates, projects, images, text, shapes, and downloads, in that order. Going from top to bottom.

We will use the Shapes tab on the left to launch a pop-up submenu with a graphical representation of all available default shapes. Note that the rectangle is not visible among the list of options at first glance. Don’t worry though – just select “Square” from the list of shapes (click the icon to get a square) and move on.

A square will now appear in the canvas area. You can resize a square element by dragging its vertices, or by clicking the element and changing its side length in the edit menu.

How to Turn a Square into a Rectangle in Cricut Design Space (The Magic Step)

The square element is nothing but a locked rectangular element with fixed proportions in the interface. To unlock those proportions and turn it into a rectangle, all you need to do is click on the tiny padlock icon that becomes visible in the bottom left corner of an element when you hover over a square element.

Once the castle image changes to the unlocked version, you will notice that the edit menu allows you to manually enter different variable lengths and widths for the same element. Playing with these measurements to achieve the desired rectangular shape (check out this glossary of exact terms – measurement made easy with Cuemath) is one way to get a rectangle. Another way is to manually drag the edges with the mouse and convert the shape to a rectangle on the screen.

Why Do You Need Cricut Design Space?

If you have one, you need space for the Cricut design. The Cricut machine can only create designs that have been sent to the machine via the design space. So if you want to create an original creation on your Cricut machine, you need Cricut Design Space.

There are many reasons why you need to use Cricut Design Space as part of your creation process, so let’s look at some of them:

  • You can create personalized designs with text and fonts. Want to add the bride and groom’s name to a banner or the age of the birthday boy to a party hat? You can do it.
  • Use stock images from your scrapbook, Cricut images, or upload your own illustrations to use in projects. You will decide!
  • Work on the go with Cricut Design Space mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.
  • It’s the only program that lets you save your Cricut projects so you can get more out of your files!

There are plenty of free images, fonts, and files that you get access to right after registering with Design Space, but I highly recommend subscribing to them! There are two different tiers with different benefits, but both have unlimited use of 200,000+ images, 500+ fonts, and thousands of designs. The images I use in the project below are available to contributors.